"Your account is pending for verification..."


Can anyone from support help me here - I have chatted numerous times, emailed, but still hasn’t gotten any replies nor resolve for this issue.


Helped client setup server, verified, on a paid plan.
But when i tried logging in 1-2 weeks ago, kept seeing this message -

“Your account is pending for verification, click on the chat icon to complete the verification process.”

Can you guys please give me a clue of what’s going on? We need to launch the site (but i cant access to do any setup!).


Have you tried Live Chat Support or opening a Ticket?

Your chances of getting a timely answer here are about 0.

Looks to me that whatever email you have used for your client , it needs to be verified. Did you check with your client? Also agree with Ron, just start live chat, get it sorted in seconds.

I have tried both already - constantly pushed to open a ticket and get 0 replies.

Yea - the problem is it was already verified and subscription plan paid. We had installed the theme, etc - Then 1 day we just cant log in. I wouldn’t seek help here if I get some kind of response… service seems to get worse.

Hi @keith,

Please message me your email address so that I can help you in this matter, thanks!