WP speed problem


Hello there,

Does anyone knows how to speed up the WP site ? How to fix the below issue?

I appreciate a lot your kind help on this matter.

Best regards



Do you understand the issue with each?

  • Scaled images is essentially using a smaller resolution image and using css to scale it to a larger size. So you can replace the images high-lighted if required

  • The HTTP requests are solvable with a caching plugin that allows the combination of scripts, however this can be an issue as sometimes combining your scripts can cause errors. This is only if they are self hosted also, if they are external scripts it maybe more difficult.

  • the expired headers can be managed via htaccess file or a plugin, also these are both Google resources from your screenshot which are always a bit of an issue.

The thing also to remember is that your load time, is already quite acceptable, I would be more concerned about TTFB and First Paint - as the 3.1s is fully loaded.



Thank you.Really appreciate it.