WP mobile site issue


Hello everyone,

My WP site works normally when checking from desktop. But when checking by mobile or laptop, some menu works normally while some menu shows incorrectly. Could you kindly help on this matter? Really appreciate it.

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Hi @chalender1,

It seems that your WordPress theme is not properly responsive for mobile devices. You may either contact their developers or customize the theme yourself as per your requirements.

Ibad Rehman


Hello Ibad, thank you. Appreciate it a lot .


Thank You :slight_smile:


Hello Ibad,

How are you? I appreciate your help months ago. Now i have some new issues on my WP site, it happened only yesterday and it was running all well previously.

Could you kindly check it for me at your free time? thank you


Hello @chalender1,

The errors are self-explanatory.

The first error is highlighting the header expiry of external js files. It is difficult to set header expiry for external js files which in your case is Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager. To avoid this error you can host these script locally on your server and manually update them when there is an update.

The second error is a warning, simply tells you to avoid redirects to the mentioned external resources. It is a warning as this can have a negative impact on your website’s performance.

Thank You.
Ibad Rehman

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