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can I use wordfence and ithemes security plugin together in wordpress website. or using these two plugin together will make my site lagging.

It’s probably not a good practice to mix security plugins for a variety of reasons. Not sure why you would want to do that anyway.

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Hello @cloudman,

It is not recommended to use two security plugins together but you can. However, it won’t have any significant impact versus using a single security plugin. You may do a bit of research before selecting the right WordPress security plugin for your website.

Ibad Rehman

Ibad, I appreciate the effort it takes to write blog content, but an article like that is really worse than useless. It take time to read, and you’re well into it before you realize it’s just a summary of features from the sites of the products being compared. There’s no critical comparison, no insight, no way to compare pros and cons, and (does it need mentioning) no comparative testing.

I’d suggest either keeping it very simple, saying “Here are a bunch of tools available,” and link to the sites. OR, do a thorough, well-researched comparison.

This middle-ground that pretends to be informative is the worst of both worlds.

iThemes doesn’t have a firewall, so it can be useful to combine iThemes with a security plugin that has a firewall like WordFence or NinjaFirewall. While it can be better for performance to keep to one plugin for your security needs because of iTheme Security’s lack of a firewall, I would recommend you combine it with a plugin like WordFence, however, you might want to go into WordFence and disable features such as rate limiting login attempts as that is already covered by iThemes Security, and there is no use in having two plugins doing the same thing.

Hey Paul,

I appreciate your feedback and it’s something we can definitely consider in the future. The purpose of this article is to list down the best security plugins according to their active installs, community feedback, and features set. This is nor a bench-marking of security plugins nether the author recommended to use a specific plugin.

Thank You.
Ibad Rehman