Wordpress forms not sending

I have a wordpress site but the forms are not sending. My developer said I need to setup smtp through email. My email provider gave me these smtp settings: https://www.thexyz.com/account/knowledgebase/1/Email-Server-Settings.html

I am just not sure where to enter them in wordpress?

Replace web developer. What do you have it for if he cannot sort this out for you?
You can try it yourself by installing Easy WP SMTP plugin. Search on youtube how to setup it properly. You would need to create dummy gmail account for that. Also look into forms settings themselves. If it is too complicated get new developer.


Cloudways have introduced a new feature of configuring SMTP within the platform.

From your platform go to Server Management -> SMTP

Choose the desired SMTP provider from the list and complete the process.

For further information read our blog on Configuring SMTP in WordPress using a Plugin.

Ibad Rehman