WordPress core and plugin bulk update


Hello, I am new here and I am wondering if there is any way to keep many WP installations up-to-date without log in every single dashboards. I manage many-many sites. As I see Cloudways do not provide root access to the server and do not allow master users to update sites via SSH. Do anyone faces with the same problem, and do you know a solution for it?


Hi @tamas

You can use a third party tool like MainWP or Orion (MangeWP). It will help you to manage multiple WordPress installs using a single dashboard.

I would suggest updating each site separately. There is a possibility that the newest version of core/theme/plugin might not be compatible with your existing environment. Test each site on staging first.


Install infiniteWp on your server and you can update/backup/other things any WordPress installation from one single control panel. I manage about 50 sites through this one control panel.
It’s free too!


ManageWP is an amazing tool. That’s what I use for all of my client websites. It’s not expensive and you can choose what services you want to use, depending on your needs for your clients websites.



But if you arent aware of these tools, you should be updating manually.


I use Easy Update(s?) Manager for this. It updates everything automatically (but I can select), and lets me know via e-mail. I recommend you don’t let it update to prototype versions of WP.


Thank you Joshua. I made a try, and WP CLI would be the best option for me. However, I do not have root access which would be necessary for updating WP sites on CloudWays, isn’t it?


Thank you Mustaasam, I will check it.