WordPress 5.5, Breeze Plugin, jQuery Migrate Removal

Before I update my WordPress sites to 5.5, I ran a few plugins from the WordPress Team to test if any of my themes/plugins are going to have problems with the remove of JQuery Migrate.

For those not aware, JQuery Migrate is being removed - you can read the full details here: https://wptavern.com/major-jquery-changes-on-the-way-for-wordpress-5-5-and-beyond

I don’t think that the WP team handled this all this well - a lot of people have been caught off guard and had no idea that JQuery Migrate was going to be removed, potentially breaking a lot of sites. Heck, a lot of people probably don’t even know what JQuery Migrate is.

The JQuery Migrate Helper generates this message:

jQuery Migrate Helper — Warnings encountered

This page generated the following warnings:

  1. mywordpresssiteURL/wp-content/plugins/breeze/assets/js/breeze-backend.js: jQuery.fn.load() is deprecated

So without that plugin, upgrading to 5.5 might cause problems (I’m not going to test if it does cause problems).

Will Breeze be updated to correct that? Or do we need to find another caching plugin - I’ve really liked Breeze and hope it will be updated.

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They did release this plugin, which is a temporary solution that re-enables JQuery Migrate for those sites that need it, and it also provides warnings on which plugins/themes have the problem:

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The plugin author responded on WordPress.org, and said it will be fixed in the next release of Breeze:

This warning has appeared after the recent 5.5 version and has no direct impact on the functionality of your WordPress website. The next release will fix this issue so that you would no longer receive this warning.