Wordfence settings for WP on Cloudways

In a dev project that is currently in process I selected NGINX during the initial setup of Wordfence. It informed that it would be using a user.ini file and that it would need to be made inaccessible by modifying ngnix.conf with their provided code. However, from my understanding we cannot modify that config file here. SO my questions are these:

  1. Will Cloudways support modify the config file for me?
  2. Is this even the proper way to setup Wordfence on a Cloudways app?


Cloudways uses a hybrid of both Apache and NGINX.

For the purposes of WordFence, it’s the Apache part that will have effect, so that’s what you tell WF you’re using.

Hope that helps?


Yes it does. Was a little concerned about the user.ini


Do you know specifically which Apache setting you are using in WF? Unfortunately I do not have the list of options in front of me or I would have listed them.

Anyone have an answer to the question above?

If you’re talking about the options when setting up the firewall, WF does a good job of detecting automatically, but to confirm, you want the Apache +CGI/FastCGI setting.

Thank you, Paul. Appreciate it greatly.