Woocommerce shop, where do you host, and how much do you pay monthly?


Hello, I am thinking to move some woocommerce shops from Dreamhost to Cloudways.

Can I get your feedback ? Which server are you using on Cloudways and how much do you pay ?

Thank you for your experience.



I tried DO, linode and vultr. For me vultr is the fastest for importing 90.000 products.
I use the 4GB server 44$/month.


Thank you, is your shop faster on these servers ? Did you have any problem ? And if you can tell me which cache you are using, thank you again.


Yes my shop is faster.
I use breeze + autoptimize, working great together.

Just setup a server and try it for a couple of days :slight_smile:


Dreamhost is to Cloudways as Yugo is to Lexus. I think I have 8 GB and some cores. It is on Google Cloud and is fast. I turned off caching while moving in from WP Engine and haven’t reactivated it yet - still fast. Fast to me is under 1 second page loads. I pay 6X Dreamhost, but get more than 6X in value. The Lamborghini of WP hosting is WP Engine. They are great, but I could not afford it anymore at 9X Cloudways in price. Less expensive by 2X than Cloudways is using Google Cloud directly. And, GC gave me $300 credit when I signed up. I ended up selecting Cloudways because CW gives more than 2X in value of their services than GC, in my opinion.


Also, I’m running 20 something sites on the 8 GBs. Most have a 1 sec average pageload time. One site is photo heavy and they were optimized in Photoshop, which means they were not optimized. Photoshop is a joke that is not funny. That one site takes up to 4 seconds if browser cache is cleared. It is loading something like 50 MB or more. At WP Engine, my 40 sites cooked with a 0.44 sec page load average.