Woocommerce on cloudways?

(ZAD) #1


I have a woocommerce website on an optimized shared hosting, the website is slow, I’m also using a lot of plugins. Though I’m using caching and all kinds of speed tricks, it’s still slow. If I move to a 1gb cloud server, what’s the speed difference will be like? like how much more faster? will it be overwhelmingly faster or just slightly ?

(Twestine) #2


i migrated the prestashop from shared hosting. whatever i tried in shared hosting, the speed in real world never fast enough. i got more than 80 on GTmatrix and pingdon. but customers have been complaining.
moved to cloudways, DO. man. it’s day and night.

(Paul) #3

How much faster (or whether it’ll be faster at all) is going to depend on WHY it’s slow now. Inefficient code is going to be slow no matter what the hosting. On the other hand, if the site is clean, well-optimised code but your current hosting is insufficient, there could be a major speedup.

Put another way - new hosting is not a guaranteed solution for a slow website.

(Joshua Baer) #4

Hosting will most likely not do much due to the mentions you make. A full audit is needed to understand why your site is slow. You probably need BOTH increased hosting power AND a plugin/code audit.

I see people struggle for years where you are. My best advise, hire a well know dev and have them look and provide advise. It will pay for itself. And when shopping for a dev, be sure they have 5 to 10 years min under their belt.