Woocommerce [checkout/?wc-ajax=checkout] error


Issue started occuring a few days ago… no idea why.

When a user is purchasing a package through woocommerce, they press “Place Order” and the page just sits there with no error messages. The “Place Order” button becomes clickable again so they click it.

Everytime they click it, an oder is placed on the backend and credit card charged. On the front end, they don’t know this and keep clicking Place Order

Chrome Inspect shows AJAX error, sitename.com/checkout/?wc-ajax=checkout

If I enter that into a browser I get the following error.

error{“result”:“failure”,“messages”:"<ul class=“woocommerce-error”>\n\t\t\t

  • We were unable to process your order, please try again.</li>\n\t</ul>\n",“refresh”:true,“reload”:false}

    Web search doesn’t reveal much information.

    Any ideas?!

    Thanks in the advance… driving me insane.

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    I’am having the same exact issue and i ve been trying to figure out whats going on. This just happened to me a week ago and I’ve been nunable to solve


    please let know if you get this solved its driving me insane as well


    It turned out to be a corrupt email template, in this case the processing order email. I replaced and issue resolved.


    really? how did you replace it?