Woocomerce On Cloudways Server Performance / Reliability / Service


We are with Cloudway for last 2 years. We had this last year and now again. Server: AWS medium 80GB app, 8GB Database allowance. Only 1 app. installed and its exact cloned copy. Site is Wordpress / Woocommerce. Nothing really heavy,1500 products, 20 visitors max at any time. Site loads pretty fast for most of times. Now suddenly massive slow down for last 2 days. Support says it must be some of the plugins. There was not any change done on website, apart from usual work regarding changing product prices etc. Im deactivating plugins like crazy trying to figure out what is causing this. Im doing tests and finding out that it takes over 18secs. to get the very first byte of data so clearly something is also wrong on server side not just our plugins. 2 days went by and now all is good, back to normal.

My question is: at what server settings / options are you yourself and how are you satisfied with service? I just find it weird that AWS medium server cannot handle 1 average Woocomerce with 20 visitors at any time. I understand that sometimes plugins can mess things up but if no changes are done for last 2-3 weeks nothing should have happen.
What is your experience with running Woocomerce on Clouways?