Why We Moved to Cloudways

We moved to Cloudways from Siteground because of the added services Siteground were recommending always to add more, in order to improve that initial lag we were facing every time we tested our client site speeds, via GTMetrix, etc.

Since we have joined Cloudways, we have noticed an outstanding increase in site speeds. We no longer face that awful TTFB. These guys really provide an awesome service! and know their stuff!!

Tech Support is great and I have nothing but positive things to say about them. They are always willing to go the extra mile to solve our issues and have so far solved all of our issues. Even staying with us via LIVE CHAT for several hours!! They work hard!!

Free SSL! No worries with here, we have them installed on every site with a simple “ONE CLICK INSTALL”

Price… it’s great, what else can we say, the power of several options for servers ie. DO, Vultr, AWS, etc, etc but without the scary thought of doing it all alone.

Backups! You can back the server up at any time before making potentially drastic changes and we have recently found that cloning production sites is another great way of saving valuable time and work if you’re making some big changes. Simply delete the clone and then create another when you are happy with that work session or change.

The service we receive at Cloudways is incredible! We don’t really understand servers, and I don’t have to because of the fine people working here! Free SSL, setting your own backup intervals, cloning sites and lots of other features that make it a move that we have never regretted making.



@info6 Thanks for your kind words :slight_smile: