Why is the live chat not working?

Why is the live chat option not working? I have a critical issue now with my site which i guess its a server problem.
Apart from that though, why is the breeze not showing the settings options. I was already using W3 cache plugin not until i logged in here and discovered its better using the cloudways built in cache. Please, fix that else, i had love to continue using my W3 cache.
Now, to the server issue, i read from my dashboard that, the loopback request is not working and i guess that’s from the server, so, wactcha think?? I had love to fix things there ASAP!

Breeze is absolute garbage. Do yourself a favor and nuke it.

I had support help me setup W3TC. It was a bitch to get right but once it was setup - perfection.

As far as live chat not working - I’m not going to be much help with that.

Thanks man… I came to a conclusion that both could work, though i hope am not doing something risky

NEVER, EVER try to use multiple cache plugins (unless you really know what you’re doing and appears you do not).

There is no reason to use Breeze and I’ve had multiple support agents from Cloudways admit that it’s garbage.

Maybe am not something right, that’s why i asked to clarify myself if YES or NO.
As am not perfect. Thanks though.

It’s a bug, you need to submit a ticket to troubleshoot it. Connecting with cloudways support will be best thing in this situation.

Will do just that, and I should be doing this whenever such happens. Like you said, connecting with cloudways support will be the best in such situations. Thanks man

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