Why is Server Management and Application Management not working?

When i am trying to access Monitoring tab under server management it shows red icons stating " Unable to fetch. Click here to retry" for RAM, CPU etc.
When clicking on Manage Services it shows Unable to fetch Manage Services.
Same for Settings and Packages and every tab that is fetching data.
The case is same for Application management as well

Well what could be wrong. How can I solve this?

There was a problem mentioned today, https://status.cloudways.com/incidents/q68jrk4wdplm?u=4xbmgltrxbs1 but it appears your issue is from before then.

This failure will result if your server is so busy/locked up that the management dashboard can’t connect.

Either way, this is something you need to take up directly with tech support - there isn’t much we as community members can do to help you troubleshoot, unfortunately.