Why I have Unsubscribed the CloudWays CDN?


A week ago I have subscribed to CloudWays CDN and then I have removed the subscription for the following reasons:

  1. No Canonical tag for Image URL’s which decreased my SEO

Canonical tags are important and most CDN’s implement it whereas CloudWays CDN has not taken care of it which resulted in poor rankings for my blog posts.

Even Jetpack has a free Image CDN know as Photon which implements the canonical tags intelligently but CloudWays CDN didn’t.

My blog is a Niche blog and each and every published blog post mostly ranks on 2nd or 3rd pages of SERP right away.

After CloudWays CDN it didn’t happen and they’re not even in top 100 positions of Google, Even my previous rankings started dropping and resulted in 35% traffic down in a week.

After some people posted about canonical tags handling of CDN on the community. I checked about this found it’s not handled by CloudWays and removed it right away. My rankings started to grow.

What should CloudWays Do about this?

  1. Until they fix all these issues they should label the option as Beta like they did on the announcement page.
  2. They should let the customers know about this issue.
  3. Support on this is very poor and it should be improved with knowledge base

Wrong Information to Customers?

When I subscribed to the addon the CC people that I chatted with about the billing told if you subscribe on 15th of this month It’ll last until 15th of next month again wrong information

I even saved the chat transcript because I knew the info is wrong during the time of chatting

Billing information should be accurate. Another unfair thing is if we remove subscription in any case for testing, subscribing again costs us another 1$ for the same application in the same month.

What should Cloudways focus instead?

They should focus on launching Linode servers as promised instead of launching beta features like the Cloudways CDN.


Hi @anirudhpulikonda,

Thanks for sharing your experience with us.

We have taken feedback of other clients about the CloudwaysCDN and we are making improvements.

Canonicals were enabled, a few days ago and should be working.

Can you open a support ticket so we can check in details? Please add this thread as reference in the support ticket.

As for billing, subscribing CDN costs $1/month. And if you unsubscribe the CDN URL is lost, and upon subscribing again a new URL generates and costs $1/month. I will advise you to enable or disable CDN on Application level after you have subscribed once.

About Linode. We are almost done with integrating it, we are expecting to make it available soon. :slight_smile:


Cloudways Cdn also does not have Gzip Compression. Without CDN my page is of 800Kb and with CDN it happens to be of 1.5Mb ( actual size). When I was with MaxCDN, they had an option for Gzip compression, and i would like to see same with Cloudways CDN


Thanks for looking into my problem.

@mustaasam.saleem Also replied to my comments on the blog post via Disqus.

Thanks for fixing some issues very quickly. But as of now, I still think CloudWays CDN has some fixes to be done before going mainstream.

Waiting for a benchmarks blog post before and after CDN.

BTW, Most of us are excited for Linode Servers rather than CDN. Hoping for a cheaper pricing at least this time. Vultr 1 GB is ridiculously priced


Hi @contact4

The Gzip compression was enabled a week ago if you still face any issue. Kindly contact the live chat support or create a support ticket so that the team can dig a bit more.

@anirudhpulikonda Can you please highlight the areas to be improved? Regarding Linode, we have plans to get it live in the first week of November.


I have probably 100,000 images and saw no change in my rank using the Cloudways CDN. Also, simply using something other than Breeze to manage the cdn will resolve the lack of conicial. You can even code a few basic functions and it will resolve the conical.



I feel surprised, how canonical is important for CDN?

First of all let me tell you that, canonical is a way to represent the preferred version of URL which you want to show in Google search.

My point is if I migrated to my all static content to a new path?

  • Canonical in HTTP header of CDN URL
  • or, redirect 301 from old to new path?

As per Google Webmaster, Googlebot don’t uses Canonical for images.

Reference: https://www.google.co.in/amp/s/www.seroundtable.com/amp/google-rel-canonical-for-images-nope-22549.html

I feel surprised how some top XYZ company aren promoting and offering it.

No offence to anyone. I am just wondering about it and wants to hear your personal thoughts.

Thanks & Regards,