Which cache plugin is the best?

Which cache plugin is better Breeze or wprocket.

If you like customizing everything, from my experience WP Rocket 100%. If you want something simple that work right away, Breeze. I also experienced better results with WP Rocket.

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Hi, thank you for your reply. I Also used wprocket and its time for renewal…wondering shifting to breez. But I think i will stick to wprocket seems the best of the two.

I would recommend Swift Performance Lite/Pro https://wordpress.org/plugins/swift-performance-lite/

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I’ve been researching and testing all WP cache plugins for about 2 years, and despite Breeze being a very good cache plugin (specially for starters, and it’s free!), I’ve found WP Rocket is the best solucion on the market. Unfortunately it’sa Premium plugin , no Free version or trial but a money-back guarantee for a month or so.

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I think Breeze, it’s lightweight compared to WP Rocket.