Where is GDPR policy?

(Cloudways com) #1

Cloudways urgently needs a GDPR policy to comply with European regulations which will take effect May 2018.

(Ahsan parwez) #2

Hi @bc173

Thanks for sharing this and to let you know we are already studying this and see how it will change and impact our current policies. We will have it in place before the regulation goes into effect.

Thanks again.

  • Ahsan

(cc) #3

Hi @ahsan.parwez,

What will be available to the users to help them comply with these regulations?

For instance: will there be options for encryption at rest for the database and file system?

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(Ahsan parwez) #4

Hi @cc278

We are currently drafting and taking help of an expert in this regard. There is no ETA on when we will announce the new policies but we are aiming start of February to announce the changes.


  • Ahsan

(Services) #5

Good to hear there is work in progress! It is absolutely crucial for several of our clients that this is resolved.

(Ahsan parwez) #6

Yes, it is also crucial for a company like us. We are working out the details and we will have new policies in place before GDPR is in effect.

(Nexxtcommerce GmbH) #7

Hello Ahsan

any news on this so far. Clock is ticking … :slight_smile:

Can we expect that you cover the underlying services (VULTR, DO, etc) and we only need an GDPR-related processor contract with you? Will there be an automatic way to get that per system or per account (e.g. similar to Mailchimp: https://mailchimp.com/legal/forms/data-processing-agreement/ )?


(Cloudways com) #8

+1 This needs to get resolved ASAP.

(Nick) #9

It’s nearing the end of March next week, Ahsan.

Is there any news on GDPR for Cloudways?

(Yordi) #10

+1 Atleast give us an update on the matter please

(junge haie GmbH) #11

So are there any updates? We need a GDPR compliant policy and a related data processor contract with Cloudways due the nature of a full managed hosting solution. Otherwise we’ll have to take down our own and customer handled Cloudways hosted & managed servers. That would be a shame, because we really like the services you provide for us and our customers.

(Ahsan parwez) #12

Hi @hoefs @yordi @nicksanderos,

We have our GDPR policy almost worked out, we have also consulted with some firms about drafting the policy and we will have it in place before 25th May.

(Dev) #13

Not far off now and we need to provide assurance to our customers or as @hoefs said, would have to move our business elsewhere. Surely most of your GDPR policy would be based on your suppliers - so for us, all our hosting is on Digital Ocean servers in the UK. We can’t show Digital Ocean’s policy to them as our contract is with you and not DO. Looking forward to seeing it really soon!