What is the logic behind server transfer and share server feature?

In the server screen when you mouse over the orange CTA you have the option of “Share Server” & “Transfer Server”.

Can anyone tell me more about which option is best suited for what scenarios exactly?

Hi @wesleymgto

Share Server - This option is used when you want to keep a copy of the server in your account and want a Clone of your server to be shared to your client.

Note: Share server option will change the IP address of the server on your client account and he will need to point his/her domain to the new server to take the website live.

For more information you can read this KB: https://support.cloudways.com/how-to-share-server-to-another-account/

Transfer Server - Use this option when you want the entire server with its settings intact to move to another Cloudways account. This will remove the server from your account and the IP address of the server will remain same.

Transfer server is very useful for agencies and developers who want to move a developed website to his/her client.

For more information about Transfer Server, read this KB: https://support.cloudways.com/how-to-transfer-server-to-another-account/

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