What exactly are "start" and "stop" server?


I am curious what exactly happens when I stop my server for a time (say 6 months) and then start it again. Specifically how does it impact billing? I am using Digital Ocean FWIW.

I ask because my Wordpress site gets 20,000 hits one day a year and then gets basically zero hits the next 8 months. (Then four months of 50 hits a day before the big day again.) I migrated to Cloudways from shared hosting a couple weeks ago and it handled the “big day” very well. Now I am looking for ways to economize during the long slow spell. Maybe I stop my Cloudways server during that time and have a different machine serve the same domain name during that time?

On a related note, I am curious what exactly “pay as you go” means. Does that mean billing varies by server load, or that I can “stop” my server anytime and stop paying as well, or something else?

Thanks for your help


In your above case, I would suggest using AWS server for your website. If you pause the AWS server, it will only charge you Bandwidth + Storage fee, which is quite low as compared to the actual cost.

Other providers like DO, Vultr, or Linode will charge you full amount even if you stop or pause the server. So, here’s the workaround, you can scale up your server for the “big day” and once you’re done with it, clone server to low specs and keep running it.