What are the real world limits on using rackspace for transactional emails

I lack experience setting up email systems and when switching to Cloudways I initially tried, without success, to use elastic email for transactional emails. I struggled to configure it so that emails were not marked as suspicious or sent to spam folders. Stumbling my way through the advice given in this forum I switched to using the Post smtp plugin on my Wordpress site, linked to the rackspace account.
After more stumbling I now have this working and being delivered without going to spam.
I’m aware that Rackspace is not meant for transactional emails so I am concerned my present setup will fail when my e-learning site goes live. As I am still in the process development but quite close to an initial launch.
I’d prefer to use elastic email as this is built for the job - but I’m reluctant to go through the hassle of sorting out configuration problems again. At what stage will I run into problems using rackspace for password resets and registration notifications etc.?


Briefly I will give you a partial answer to what we have recently implemented. Like you, we’re still in the dev phase of our site. Here are some pointers:

I’d encourage you to investigate Amazon’s aws (ses)simple email services for your transactional email usage. Secondly I’d suggest using Zoho mail for all other email communication. We have integrated Amazon SES with the Wordpress plugin Wp Forms WP Mail SMTP.

Additionally, we’re using Amazon Route 53 DNS of which you can apply your zoho mx records. We primarily integrated Zoho in with our contact forms, etc. We use Quforms which sends the form submission to our Zoho accounts. When responding via Zoho it will send from example@yoursite.com. This is good for simple communication that pertains to general inquiry. The nice part to this is that AWS & Zoho will probably be your cheapest route for all your email & DNS needs.

This should give you a good start. Lots of info on Youtube and even a bit of helpful advice if you search this forum.

When searching Note the following:

Transactional email: Amazon SES (Integrate with your WP SMTP Plugin also add your zoho emial address here)
Non-transactional General email: Zoho Email (Integrate with your forms plugin & apply MX records tor Route 53)
DNS Services: Amazon Route 53 (Create your hosted zone and add Zoho MX Records)

Hope this leads you down the right path. Search google, Youtube, this forum, etc.


Since moving to Cloudways I’ve been very pleasantly surprised by the quality of the community support (and that provided by Cloudways) and your detailed suggestion is no exception to this.
However, I’m reluctant to move from rackspace for my mailboxes as that is already working fine and with minimal cost.
As far as elastic email is concerned, I may also give that another try as I’m entirely unfamiliar with configuring AWS stuff and Cloudways support are more likely to be able to help with a service they are involved with.
I am very grateful for the time and effort you spent in your detailed reply - and may feel the need to act on your suggestions later, thanks.

Go for the Zoho e-mail then get a Mailchimp for your campaigns, it should work.

Thanks for your advice. I’ve tried again to implement elastic email and all seems to be working fine now. It’s still a bit of a mystery as to why it works now and gave problems earlier - but that’s life. I’ve started using Groundhogg CRM as there is an integration with the LMS I use.

Nice! Probably didn’t work first because missing SPF & DKIM entries not on your DNS server at that time. When we’re learning it, it’s quite hard to understand all this. Cheers!