Website migration

How can I migrate my wordpress website to cloudways?

Secondly, which hosting package would be best suited to my website?

I want to migrate this website

Cloudways offers free migration of your first website for you.

Alternatively, they provide their own migration plugin.

Their Knowledgebase is excellent for these kinds of new-user questions

As far as selecting the best server specifications, it will depend entirely on the needs of your site. There is no one “best” for all.

Things to consider

  • how much traffic does your site receive? (more traffic needs more resources)
  • is it consistent traffic or does it tend to arrive in bursts of large numbers of visitors in short time spans? (bursty traffic needs more resources)
  • since your site doesn’t do e-commerce, it won’t have as heavy resource usage and effective caching configuration can help let it work with a smaller server.
  • where are most of your visitors located? (pick a server closer to them for a faster site)
  • do you need to increase and decrease server resources regularly to manage changes in amount of traffic? ((only Google Cloud and AWS can be reduced after being increased - the others require cloning to a new server.)

Once you’ve thought about the answers to these questions, you can talk to Cloudways support about their recommendations.

My guess is that, unless you already have heavy traffic, a base Digital Ocean or Vultr server (1CPU/1GB RAM), in a location close to the majority of your visitors will work well. You can then easily scale it up as you get more traffic. If your visitors are from a wide national/international area, you’ll want to incorporate a CDN as well, like CloudFlare or Cloudways’ own CDN.

Hope that helps?


That seems to be the perfect and comprehensive answer. I will consider all the points discussed by you and will take your suggestions into consideration. As my site is not getting much traffic for the time being, so I think a base Digital Ocean or Vultr server (1CPU/1GB RAM) would be fine for me. Thanks by the way