Website is drastically slower on Vultr HF vs Siteground Go Geek

Issues with CDN, Caching since leaving, site is much, much slower on cloudways vs siteground, shockingly.

TL;DR: Avoid Vultr. Use Digital Ocean.

Honestly, I’m not sure why Vultr is still even an option here on Cloudways. Vultr has always been unreliable. I’ve even tested their servers through an account directly with them. Would not recommend. Avoid Vultr and go with Digital Ocean. In my 5+ years with DigitalOcean (even using their services directly before I joined cloudways) I’ve only experienced issues once and that was because of my own doing. I tested Vultr for 3 months and had issues every other day. Not to mention, all the service interruption email notifications from Cloudways are always and only related to Vultr, it seems.

Now when you mention it, there’s been a lot of mails about Vultr. Luckily I use DigitalOcean (well, partly by informed choice, as I used them before Cloudways).

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Please share & explain what kind of “issues” you had on Vultr… I currently have Vultr and would like to anticipate ‘issues’ prior to actually suffering form them.

Not OP, but I’ve been using multiple Vultr servers for a couple of years now without any issues.