Vultr Australian server are a total disaster (8 hours down time)

So far it’s been almost 8 hours that two of my Australian based server with Vultr are down and it’s not the first time.

Last time the whole Sydney infrastructure collapsed and I had 25 servers down simultaneously.

Now I work with small business that can’t afford Google or AWS for those who wonder why I use Vultr in first place.

It can’t continue like this, this is totally unacceptable and I know it’s nothing to do with CloudWays, they merely interface with Vultr, but guys, if you’re not warning CloudWays users of the uncertainty of using Sydney servers when you create a new Vultr server at list remove the option to choose Sydney…

I know Linode opened up Sydney servers, when are we gonna see this implemented here?

I have 3 Vultr servers in Sydney and it’s been smooth sailing for 12 months. I guess it’s a matter of bad luck in your case?

Well, I’m not sure “luck” should be a parameter for an hosting company though…

Like I say, I run 25+ servers in Sydney and even though Vultr conveniently doesn’t keep track on the multiples crashes they have, CloudWays does ( and Vultr servers crashes like almost every months…

I had similar issues with Vultr Paris, and migrated to Linode Frankfurt as a result so I feel your pain. Two major outages on Vultr for my clients last year. DO also seems more stable than Vultr.

Yeah I definitely can relate. Linode as server in Sydney now, I’m waiting for CloudWays to integrate it, I don’t understand why it take so much time, it’s not like integrating a new technology ><…

Hello @lesly,

We do have a datacenter in Sydney for both the Linode and Vultr.

What integration are you exactly referring to?

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Hey Ibad, indeed I just see that. It wasn’t there when I started this topic, but you can be certain I’ll move all my Sydney Vultr to Linode in the next coming days :).

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In my experience, the only lo-cost Hosting that’s worthy is Linode. Both DO and Vultr have many outtages, so since a few years I’ve found that’s better to host in Germany (Linode or AWS) with a CDN than anywhere else. Hope it helps, cheers!