Vultr and Intel Skylake


Hey guys. Vultr announced last month that they are adding Intel Skylake CPUs to their server lineup starting with $10+ instances:

They don’t state that everyone will get the new CPUs right away, but I believe if you get one it’ll be marked on your instances list.

However what I would like to know is how will this affect Cloudways. How will we be able to access this, and when? I know there is a terminal command to check your hardware specs, but how soon can we have access to this? And if so, will we need to launch a new instance, or the current ones will be upgraded?


Not a great news actually. Intel CPUs have many issues with security (Meltdown, Spectre etc). Patches to address this will slow CPUs down. AMD is also affected but not as much as Intel. They should introduce hosting discounts when using Intel CPUs :slight_smile:


DO, Vultr and Linode all seem to use Intel CPUs, so I guess there’s nowhere to run.

Except maybe if you’re going the AWS/Google route, but then, these are quite expensive.


Just tested vultr fresh server instance 1GB vs 2GB and for me I got what they say on the vultr-website’s matching packages.

The 1GB is an Intel model 61 (Broadwell) with 2.4GHz and the 2GB is a model 85 (Skylake) with 2.6GHz.

A short dd perf test with dd if=/dev/zero bs=1M count=1024 | md5sum gave me in average 380MB/s on the 61 and 480MB/s on the 85.

Maybe in real apps it could be 50% faster as promoted, but at least it’s the prove that it’s a faster core at all.