Very slow Magento 2.3.5.p-1 - What can I do?

I finally finished my shop and it will be ready to open for public soon :D.
What I noticed is, that the shop loads very slow.

I had it run through GT Metrix and it is answering very slow.

PageSpeed Score


YSlow Score


Fully Loaded Time


Total Page Size




The fully loading time varies between 19.5 and 69s. So I was wondering what I can do to get the shop faster?

Of course varnish is enabled and I also use Cloudways CDN.
In Magento CSS, HTML and JS bundeling, minify and loading at bottom is enabled.
It is a digital ocean server, 4GB, 2 cores, 80GB disk.

Happy for any tips :smiley:


Improve the executation time such as change PHP version, increase disk space,…
If possible, please upgrade Magento to the newest version (2.4).

use varnish