Very Disappointing Outage Handling by CloudWays

I will keep this short.

I have 7 servers with Cloudways representing 7 different clients. Each server is located in Los Angeles.

06/10/2019 - 8.30 am: Awake to find two of seven servers hosted with CW are fully down. No MySql, SFTP or HTTP/S responses.
06/10/2019 - 8.45 am: Check to make sure CloudWays is not experiencing outages “status.cloudways .com/”, no outages noted.
06/10/2019 - 9 am: Contact CW support, I’m notified that this is a Vultr outage. Support then asks me if they have solved my issues. I ask for an ETA or information regarding the outage. Nothing, just keeps asking me to close the chat, provides no further help. I leave my first ever 1 star rating of a CW support agent.

06/10/2019 - 10.40 am: Two of seven servers still unresponsive.
06/10/2019 - 10.41 am: Contact new support agent, provide details, same response. Not our problem, it’s a Vultr issue, no ETA. I ask for further information regarding the outage. The reply is

“An outage or maintenance window is affecting a subset of users in this region. Detailed outage information is available in the customer portal if this event is impacting your resources.”

I end the chat.

06/10/2019 - 10.45 am: I open the public Vultr “status.vultr .com” services status web page, I check my location which has the following information.

Los Angeles: “An outage or maintenance window is affecting a subset of users in this region. Detailed outage information is available in the customer portal if this event is impacting your resources.”

Response from a CW support agent was copy and pasted from the public status monitor of VULTR services.

06/10/2019 - 10.50 am: I open the CW status report website, “” nothing noted here. CW has known about the issue for close to 2 hrs now, and nothing on the outage.

06/10/2019 - 12.22 am: Still nothing on the CW outage page. 2/7 servers still down. No updates. CW has known about the issue for over 3 hrs now, and nothing on the outage.


Pretty unimpressed guys.

Are you seriously telling me that you are ‘incapable of’ or ‘unwilling to’ provide detailed information to ‘us’ your clients, regarding outages and the responses being undertaken to correct them by your own service providers ie. Vultr.

Providing ETA’s of a potential fix, or detailed information that we can pass to our clients who’s services and businesses are now not running, is a basic need which seems to be going wholly unmet.

You are not even posting the outage on your own “Cloudways System Status” tool!


Copy and pasting from the publicly available outage information leads me to believe that you knew nothing of this outage until clients like myself started hammering the live support. It also makes me think you have no real connection to Vultr and they left you in the dark.

This is an upsetting revelation because for the service you provide I would expect some basic level of communication and co-operation between you and Vultr to correct outages or provide solutions.


This outage has now been at least 3 hrs going on 4. I know that Vultr has strict SLA agreements with their customers and clients, as I used them previously before switching to CW.

Will I be reimbursed for this extremely long outage, considering you ‘CloudWays’ will likely be reimbursed for the unexpected outages occurring today due to the very long length of time the outage has remained in effect?

Extremely fed up with the new breed of CW support engineers. I truly miss the days of having issues resolved quickly and not being pressured to leave chats so that they rookies can pump up their support stat numbers!

Can only load one screenshot at a time so here is another regarding the Vultr “” tool.

I’m having the same type of issues with Digital Ocean servers via CW

Servers came back up this morning. I hope yours are back also.

Loving the lack of reply from CW on this one. I guess posting about your outages only happens after the outage has been corrected?

Great for notifications.

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Hello @simon.ilett,

I apologize for the unpleasant experience you had recently with our support. And thank you for highlighting the issue in detail. This will help us improve the existing notification process.

Server outages are inevitable but communicating to all the stakeholders in a timely manner with a proper explanation is significant. Having said that, it is also important to understand that proving an ETA sometimes is difficult as we are totally dependant upon the information given by the provider and it is also inappropriate to give false hopes to our valuable customers.

As far as the compensation is concerned, we have the policy in place to accommodate such events and I already have forwarded your case to our concerned department. They will get in touch with you shortly and assist you with it.

Thank you for bearing with us and sharing your valuable feedback.

If you have further questions, feel free to message me directly.

Ibad Rehman
Community Manager

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