Very disappointed

Is this how cloudways works? Because i was not able pay my invoice for this month you got my servers deleted already. So are you guys trying to tell me i can’t recover the server when i will be ready to pay next month?
I have been talking about this live chat not working for long and now i couldn’t even speak someone, maybe this wouldn’t have happened. I feel very disappointed

Hi, @chudymgbikeh

We apologize for the trouble, please note that our billing system is Pay As You Go (a.k.a postpaid) i.e. You will be invoiced for the services used in any given month at the start of the next month.

We send multiple reminders to all of our customers to pay their invoices and if a customer is unable to pay for any reason they can simply ask for an extension from our billing team but if no response is received from the customer in this regards then our system will delete the server from your account. Hence, your timely action and response in relation to pay an invoice is very important.

Even after your server is deleted we still provide you the option to clear your dues and restore the site from backups. As we keep backup of all applications for 15 days after the server has been deleted.

Also to avoid any trouble that can be caused by your Credit Card, you can use Add funds option in your account and keep extra funds so that if there is an issue in your card the invoice will be automatically deducted from the funds.

Best Regards,
Anas Moiz

Live chat works fine and it always has.

Take responsibility for your own actions.

You could have called, emailed, opened a ticket - yet you chose to do nothing. You got what you deserved.

:joy::joy::joy::joy: Alright
… Though you sound like a cloudways representative. Are you?

Best to ignore him - rarely is anything useful posted.

It has been less than 15 days, so according to Official Info Here you should be able to restore your account and pay what is owed. If you cannot make payment for whatever reason, you should contact them to sort this out rather than letting the problem escalate.

There are enough safeguards built in to cover genuine mix ups. As said before, you need to take responsibility for your own actions or inaction and pay the guys what you owe.

I’ve had a very similar issue.

My DNS was managed by Cloudways. The back and forth to support got confusing when I was making some DNS updates. A DNS record was inadvertently deleted. This caused me not to get any of my email notifications. Live chat bot prompts kept insisting I login before I could reach tech support. I was not able to login, because I was getting a security error that required me to use a code that was sent to my email (which I could no longer receive, because the DNS record was deleted). I was stuck in a loop and couldn’t find any way to reach a live person at Cloudways. No support phone number or email address was listed on the website that I could find.

And when the server is deleted, even though there’s a backup, you’re assigned a new IP address and most of the server config and settings are reset to default.

It would be nice to get a call or text message notification. Is that already an option?

Cloudways doesn’t manage DNS or register domains. You know what are you talking about, pal? :sweat_smile: :laughing: