Varnish & OptimizePress/s2member Issue


While using OptimizePress membership plugin: When a new user submits a payment through paypal, they are redirected to create a new user on my wordpress site.

But after creating the user, a cookie/whatever does not pass the paypal information to the new user account, and thus the user is stuck as a ‘free member’ rather than a subscribed member.

This issue is only present when Varnish is enabled.

In the thread below, a few cookie exceptions were added to Varnish:

Anyone figure out which cookie exceptions/page exceptions must be added for Optimizepress/s2member?

Thanks again.


As an update, I was informed by the Optimizemember team that OpMember now works with Varnish as of December 2017 (I had issues with Varnish for over 2 years).


Thank you for the update @leo.k25


Just an update. Varnish still won’t work properly with Opmember, so I just have it disabled on the server with the site that needs Opmember, and keep it at a $20 Digitalocean instance with elasticpress enabled for speed.