Varnish cache, blank screen


I’ve noticed throughout the week, some of my sites on different servers (AWS, Linode, Vultr) sometimes show up as a blank white page (empty) and refreshing does not fix it. I can still login and go to dashboard. The blank site is fixed only after I purge Varnish cache. I have the Breeze plugin set to purge every 20 hours as well.

I was wondering if anyone has had this problem and what you did you mitigate this? I am also wondering if increasing the WP memory limit may help remedy this or if this is a varnish configuration problem.


It doesn’t seem to be a known issue but it would be great, if you please contact cloudways support either via live chat or via ticketing system so they may further investigate this case for you.

However, there could be multiple reasons for blank white page like low memory_limit, incorrect file permissions, faulty plugin/theme, syntax error etc.


We started having the same problem this week. Cloudways techs increased the memory, but it didn’t seem to help. We restarted the server, and that has helped. Maybe the combination worked.


This is doubtedly a hosting responsibility. It may be a misconfiguration, but its most likely an issue in your cache or php settings.


I have this problem from time to time, too. It doesn’t affect every page, and it doesn’t affect every site.