Varnish - Buddypress


I’m testing a Wordpress install with Buddypress installed. The site speed is impressive.
I’ve run into a bit of a snag. When I enable Buddypress Group creation - this is what I get


The group creation process breaks on the second step. When I disable Varnish, it works fine. I’ve tried to exclude the URL in the Varnish Rule’s but it doesn’t work. Any suggestions on fixing this while keeping Varnish enabled?

Thanks for the help and advise.

Oh, these are my Varnish settings


Oh, I forgot, these are my Varnish settings:


Do you have Breeze installed? I develop a Buddypress site that we haven’t moved over to Cloudways yet. I also dev a fairly complex user site built on a custom Wordpress install which is on Cloudways. We ran into some caching issues with that site. Deactivating Breeze and installing W3 Total Cache per the Cloudways knowledge base article (minus activating the object cache) fixed everything. Breeze works great on normal small biz sites we develop but I’m not sure the it is mature enough for complex membership sites yet.

Just a thought. Let me know if you try it.


Hi, no I use WP Rocket. I’ve since got this issue resolved through support. It was indeed a Varnish issue and we had to exclude some cookies.


Hello! Can you tell me what cookies you excluded? A screenshot like you did before will help others that are facing the same issue :slight_smile: Thank you!!!