Various PHP extensions not available


I’m operating an application which runs on PHP 7.2… As I want to optimize my performance I intend to use a Cache. So I’ve checked following page which caches are available:

For PHP 7.2. the following packages are displayed as available:

    1. APCu (ver. 5.1.x)
    1. memcached (ver 3.0.0b1)

As I’ve checked phpinfo() if these packages are enabled I’ve realized that these packages are not listed on phpinfo(). They’re not enabled.

Cloudways support suggested to downgrade to PHP 7.1 to use them. This is not an option, as PHP 7.1 is end of life and end of security fixes in December 2019.

I’m wondering why these extensions are listed on the packe if they’re not enabled and obviously Cloudways support isn’t capable to enable these extensions (which is very annoying).

There’s even a “memcached” Status on the admin panel (“Manage Services” section) which shows that the memcached service is running on the server. But it’s not usable if the corresponding PHP module is not enabled in PHP.ini.

Does anyone know how to proceed?
Best regards

Cloudways managed it to install these PHP extensions. Took some time but now it’s fine.


Thank you for the update.