Use Supervisord with all Laravel Applications

Supervisord is now available for all Laravel applications launched on dedicated and custom PHP apps. In addition, now you can add a custom Artisan path of your choice.

Even If you have installed your Laravel app in a subfolder, just add the path in the relevant field.

For Example: Under Application Management, go to Application Settings and select the tab for Supervisor Jobs. Click the Add New Job button to add a job for Supervisord.

The various Laravel queue related options are briefly explained below:

Connection Driver: Redis is used as the queue driver where the jobs will be held.

Number of process: Number of processes control how many processes supervisord will run at the same time. The default value is 1.

Timeout: The timeout option specifies how long the Laravel queue master process will wait before killing off a child queue worker that is processing a job.

Sleep Time: Sleep time option determines how long the worker will “sleep” if there are no new jobs available. While sleeping, the worker will not process any new jobs – the jobs will be processed after the worker wakes up again.

Queue: The names of the queues to work

Maximum Tries: Maximum number of tries after which the job is logged as a fail

Environment (Optional): The environment the command should run under

Artisan Path: Add custom Artisan path or leave unchanged for default

Fill in the required details and click the Save button.

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