Urgent: Domain Mapping (Need Unlimited additional domains for WPMU application)!



I have a wordpress multisite application. I’m allowing people to register and create their own subsites (sub-domains) on this network.

Under the Application Management > Domain management, I have added *.mynetwork.com and all the sub-domains are working automatically once they are created, without adding them manually. I love that feature and hope to have the same robust feature when adding new additional domains to the same application!

Infact, that’s my main problem (Domain mapping & the limited number of domains allowed per single application by Cloudways):

Here’s what I mean, Inorder to map a new domain name to subsite (sub-domain) on my network, first I have to point that domain using A record then I need to add the domain name to my application under (Additional Domains).

I was told that each application can have a maximum of 100 domains added under (Additional Domains). In my case, my network will have more than a 100. As the network grows, more domains need to be mapped and therefore, I need the ability to add/map unlimited domains to my application. That is a BIG ISSUE!

On a Multisite network, all sites will share the same application & database, so If I create new applications just to add more domains, these applications will still have separate installations & a separate database. And the goal is to have all the sites created under my network so I can have a better control and manage all the sites in one place.

The core of my business relies on this feature so I hope you can help me find a solution or have that feature added soon :confused:

Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks


My first application here in cloudways was a Multisite and with Cloudflare to manage the DNS. I have no problem with it. I just point the domain via domain mapping without pointing it on CW Platform and it was working fine until I separate my site into single site.


Hello there,

I appreciate your reply. Could you explain more on how do you point the domain via domain mapping?!
Do you add A record with IP, CNAME, or both?! or Is there any other steps to make it work without pointing it on CW platform!

I think I’m pointing the domain correctly, I’m using A record to point the domain to my server IP. I also added a CNAME with WWW pointing to the subdomain URL (not sure if that makes any difference).

The domain works properly as long as it’s added to CW platform under (additonal domains). Once I remove it from there, it does not work!


I use Domain Mapping by WPMUdev and mapped the domain on it without using CW Platform. On DNS at CloudFlare A record for IP the www subdomain for the cloudways staging domain. I also use wildcard cname and the only domain I mapped at CW platform that time was the primary domain nothing else.


Hi Andy,
I am just trying to setup my clients domains (from different providers) to point to my multisite subdomain sites. I have been adding them on the CW platform under Additional Domains as you were. Can you share an example of how you map the DNS of one of those clients domains? For the A record you point the domain to your server IP so if your site IP were and your client domain is clientsite1.com, I assume your added domain (and sub site) would be clientsite1.yoursite.com so would the entries look like this?
A @
CNAME www clientsite1.yoursite.com

I am really stuck till I figure this out so thanks in advance.