Upgrade Drupal 7 to 8 during re-design?


I am a LAMP web developer/designer and familiar with Wordpress. Coming up on a Drupal site redesign. They’re currently on version 7, and I’m wondering if it’s wise to upgrade them to 8 as part of the re-design. It’s primarily a content-rich website, but the client wants to make it look more modern given it’s almost 9 years old.

What considerations should be the main criteria for the decision to upgrade?



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Upgrading to a newer version is recommended as it offers better performance, security and features. However, make sure to test out the latest version on a staging site before applying changes to a production site. Cloudways let you create staging site in just a few clicks from the platform itself.

You may also refer to Drupal documentation on updating to 8.

Ibad Rehman