Updating Moodle on a Cloudways server


Ok so i have successfully updated a stock version of Moodle to version 3.4.1+.

The process i used is below:

Make sure to take a snapshot and back up all important data before you upgrade

Place the server in maintenance mode.
Log in using SSH (Putty) and SFTP (Filezilla)
Navagate to ~ directory (cd ~)
Make a new directory for the upgrade (jan2018upgrade "or what ever you want to name it)
Download the newest stable version of moodle and use FTP to send the .tgz file to the jan2018upgrade folder. (or wget)
Go to the jan2018upgrade folder (~/jan2018upgrade) and extract the file using the following command.
Tar xzf moodle.34.tgz (or whatever the name of the file is)
Use the command LS to list the folders, you should see a folder called (Moodle)
Make a new directory for the backup file of (Public_HTML) called (jan2018back) in the ~ directory.
Copy the public_html contents to the jan2018back using the following.
Navagate to ~/applications/(Server hfalhuhu~~ or what ever your server name is)/public_html/
Send the command ( LS ) to list the files in the folder.
Use the command mv ./* ~/jan2018back/ to move the files to the backup location.
Use LS to make sure the folder is empty
Next copy the new moodle files to the current public_html folder using the following command
First go to the server public_html folder ( cd ~/applications/hgfayufihrayfa/public_html)
To copy the files enter the following command.
Cp -R .rf ~/jan2018upgrade/moodle/* ./
Now copy the config.php file back to the public_html folder using the following command.
Cp ~/jan2018back/config.php . (make sure you are in the current public_html folder)
Now use the command ls blocks/ to view the files in the folders and compare them with the backup folder files, copy any that are missing in the new installation from the backup folder.
Take the server out of maintenance mode and login to moodle. This will let you complete the update process and update the database.

I hope this helps someone.
Please contact me if you have any questions and i will do my best to answer you.

Also this is a very helpful video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=racjmJGMGz8

** Note ** Contact Cloudways via chat when you have completed your upgrade as you will need to have them run chown -R (MySQLUsername) on the public_html folder. The update process using SSH causes the owner of the files in that folder to show as the user you use to login. In order to make the change you need SU (Root) access to the server and only Cloudways has access to that.
They are very willing to help and the process only takes a few minutes.