[UPDATED] Site Is Almost Standing Still


Site: http://loadstobook.com
PHP: 5.6
MariaDB: 10

I’ve built my own app, it works amazing from localhost. On Cloudways, AWS, it literally takes minutes for a page to load; with the exception of my home page, which uses no PHP.

I live chatted with support who suggested enabling Varnish. Did that. Cannot see how that helped too much. There must be more to setting it up than clicking the enable button, but not successful in finding much about it, still hunting though.

The site is pretty lean, I think, though I am a self taught novice, admittedly.

I’ll take any advice I can get at this point.

I learned of 2 major errors I made, thanks to the competent technical staff at Cloudways (not paid to say that, and not sarcastic). Once fixed, my website was moving very fast.

1st Error: My dbConfig file was directed at my website’s IP (which works from my local server fine), but I should have used ‘localhost’

2nd Error: I had Varnish enabled, but without properly coding the site to integrate Varnish, it just kills the site on the spot.


Upgrade to PHP 7.2. Enable Redis. Use page caching.

The more likely culprit is bad code though. No site should take that long to load. I’d say you have a lot of debugging ahead of you.


My hunch is it is the AWS. A quick test to see if it makes any difference. Go to apps on the control panel. Choose “clone application”. Choose “new server”. Choose digital ocean. You can delete the new app right away after.