Understanding Proper Format For Application PHP FPM Settings

Greetings Cloudways Community!

I am trying to learn and understand something.

I was trying to change the cURL timeout setting for one of my Wordpress Applications.

Support helped me to add

php_admin_value[default_socket_timeout] = 300

Here is what I am not understanding.

Every other line in the Application PHP FPM settings has a ā€œ;ā€ in the front.

For example:

;php_admin_value[default_socket_timeout] = 300

However, I have found that this particular command ONLY works WITHOUT the semicolon.

If I add the semicolon like every other line has the command does not produce the needed change.

I am trying to understand proper syntax here and why every other line starts with a semicolon but this one will only work if the semicolon is not there.

Anybody have any help for me?

Iā€™m willing to review a tutorial or whatever.

Iā€™m trying to learn this for future use.


None of the rules with a semicolon in front are active, they are just showing you what rules are available, and you have to remove the semicolon to actually make one of the rules active.

What is going on is that the semicolon is a special character used to start a comment. Anything that comes after a semicolon up to the end of that line is turned into a comment and does absolutely nothing. This allows Cloudways to, under normal conditions, use their default values and be able to change their defaults as needed, while providing you with an easy way to uncomment out a rule and be able to take over deciding what that rule should be set to.

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Thank you @russell ,

That idea first occurred to me, ironically, when I saw how this forum displayed my code blocks hahaha.

It displayed the one with the semicolon as greyed out.

But truly, I was just guessing.

Apparently, as you have said, the semicolon is basically how to comment something out in an .ini syntax.

I do appreciate you confirming that and taking me past guessing here.

Thanks for helping me out.