Typos on the cloudways.com website

I for one am extremely grateful for Cloudways, that someone has made state-of-the-art, managed WordPress hosting affordable. More to the point, that WordPress website developers finally have an intelligent business partner with whom to work.

I like to help the people who help me, and want to start a thread which is monitored by one of their web designers. Each entry in this thread will point to a specific typo (misspelling, grammatical error, or awkward construction) somewhere on the website.

I will post an example. There is never any reason to be critical or make fun of the original author. I have published several books. These kind of mistakes happen for any number of reasons. All you need is the following:

TITLE: The title should be either a copy of the typo enclosed in quotation marks or something like “awkward construction” if quoting the typo would be too long

  1. URL of offending page
  2. Copy of the typo enclosed in quotation marks
  3. Suggested correction

In order for this thread to be useful, I would expect someone at Cloudways to acknowledge each post and state either that the suggested correction was made or explain why it was not.

Well so much for that idea. I see that replys do not have titles.

“New password and confirm password does not matched.” appears on


“does not matched” should be change to “do not match” (plural subject, tense agreement)

I should also note that it appears even if the passwords do match. in other words, I’ve tried changing my password many times now and it never works

Extraneous text

“To ensure your deployed Cloudways application knows which website name (i.e. www.mysite.com) it should respond to, i.e., map a primary domain to your application.” appears on


The second “i.e.” is out of place

I believe it is “replies”.

My mother always said to make at least one mistake so that your readers feel smarter than you. I believe she was write.

Awkward construction

"Thank you for chatting with us today. We wish you a very pleasant day. Good bye!

We would appreciate your feedback by rating on post-chat survey form that how our agent at Cloudways solve your request."

“Good bye” is one word

“We would appreciate your feedback by rating on post-chat survey form that how our agent at Cloudways solve your request.”

We would appreciate your feedback. Please take a moment to rate the person who helped you.

What are you, the self-appointed language police?

Don’t you have more important things you could be doing?

Who are you? The self-appointed thread police? It’s called editing, Ron. And it’s important. Try not to be so peevish.

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