Transactional Email Service - Careful with Elastic Addon

I’m new to Cloudways and migrating a bunch of sites. I was unaware at first that I needed a transactional email service.

So I added the elastic email addon available in the backend of my Cloudways server area.

It works great but there is one huge problem not mentioned anywhere in Cloudways documentation.

Elastic Email requires a physical address to be included in any email sent through your site. Since I subscribed to elastic through Cloudways there is only one physical address it can use.

The problem arises when you have multiple apps/websites on your server that likely have different physical addresses. If you host several client websites the elastic email addon is a no go.

What transactional email services are you using for you clients?

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Elastic-email has implemented this policy last year that includes address in emails.

As Cloudways is using it as third party ad-don so they have to follow it. If you are using multiple apps/website then I would recommend using one general address to put there.

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Hi @mattmikulla,

On a server, all applications use the default SMTP configuration. To set up individual email configuration for each site; it is suggested to use any SMTP WordPress plugin; such as: WP Mail SMTP. This will override the default SMTP settings.

For further details please refer to this Guide To Set Up SMTP

Ibad Ur Rehman


Thanks for the heads up!

A year later, and they still haven’t updated their docs, so I ran into the exact same problem… :sweat_smile: Reading your explanation was really useful.

Wondering if you’d have suggestion on the best SMTP setup for multiple sites. You must have it figured out by now :sunglasses:

A bit late in the discussion, but for anyone else coming across this post, and wanting the same info as OP.

I would recommend Mailgun. It’s what I’ve used for past year or more on many sites. Only tried Elastic on CW server because they provide it. But, like the OP, I got hit with the requirement for an address at bottom of every email. There’s no way to format that, or even to include some space between the end of the email and the address info. It just runs right into the last line of the email. Sucks, to be honest. So I am now switching my CW apps to use Mailgun. It’s free for first 10,000 emails.

Can’t recommend Postmark enough for transnational emails. I managed about 10 sites on Mailgun for my clients, each site without fail would end up on an email blacklist 2-3 times per year through no fault of their own. Mailgun don’t seem proactive in monitoring their sending IPs do they often get blacklisted due to other people sending spam. All my clients were sending perfectly legitimate emails, it’s the other people using the IPs that ruin the service.

No blacklist issues with Postmark what so ever.


Hi @luke1, still using Postmark? I’m testing it and it seems great so far. Would like to know if you’re still with them and if you configured on a server level or application via plugin. Thanks!

Still using Postmark with no problems. I configure Sendinblue at a server level and just use Postmark via plugin for clients who want a more premium SMTP service.