Too all the Cloudways teams: please wake up and offer customer service

Hello @paul,

I appreciate your honest feedback about our support team and your cooperation with them.

However, I would like to inform you that we take customer support very seriously and in the light of recent events we have taken steps to further improve our service.

Customers can also find solutions on our Knowledge Base and Blog. Similarly, you may also join our Facebook group where customers interact with each other. And you may also send me a DM and I will do my best to address your issue ASAP.

Thank you again for your cooperation and trusting Cloudways.

Ibad Rehman
Community Manager

Yes @viorel.anghel, you’re not the only one in this boat.

We have been here for only a couple of months with a coupe of servers to start off and test the Cloudways offering before we move the major base of our hosting, and the poor support has become such an issue for us that we are considering moving already - in fact we are actively in the process of trying alternatives.

A continual issue:

This feedback says it all:

@jbaer you could have left it at your first paragraph and you may have gained some traction with your post. But when you start saying “after reviewing garbage like this”… you show you have no idea about what people are experiencing in terms of support.

Probably best to keep your comments to yourself. As per the link to feedback in my reply above this is an increasingly pressing issue with Cloudways - their chat support is increasingly slow and ineffective, and tickets are regularly unanswered for ages.

And btw it is whine, not wine.


The thing is, they do offer an ad-on “premium support”, I remember faigley but I think it was something around $100 / month for maybe 6 months. Chances are, there are where the “knowledgeable” and “Senior” support reside.
So in reality, yes, this is what it seams, we pay for a Hosting with Control Panel + basic support. I haven’t tried their premium support to test the statements you mentioned, but it definitely does not apply on the chat basic support we getting with the every hosting plan.

IMO, if I had to choose between only hosting with basic support at current prices, or hosting with a better & quicker support but with an increase of prices, I will go with the first option.

Honestly, if Cloudways would improve their support, enhance their servers, allow to auto scale based on sessions with auto balancers and improve staging procedures, they’d be perfect for my website needs.