Too all the Cloudways teams: please wake up and offer customer service

The quality of technical support is in a continuous decline.

I am very patient (considering that I have an unresolved ticket for 22 days). But I’m about to look for alternatives. I do not need a lot of support, but when I need it, I expect to have it.

Beyond any new technical innovations, it’s vital, I say, to find solutions to take care of the customers you have now.


Yep… same over here. A “chat supporter” was not able to solve an issue, so he suggested to simply create a support ticket for me:

"Imre Wednesday at 09:46
LiveChat conversation transcript:

Ubaid (Wed, 3/6/2019, 01:45:47 pm)
Apologies for it. Since this particular request requires some additional time to analyze it completely, so I am creating a support ticket on your behalf and you will be further updated shortly on the ticket.

Ubaid (Wed, 3/6/2019, 01:45:58 pm)
I am marking the ticket priority to high so senior team may check it asasp"

This is the answer I received:

"Cloudways Tech Support Thursday at 02:08

Thanks for contacting cloudways as per chat issue has been resolved

Let us know if you need any other assistance.

Shayan Ahme"

Unless I misinterpreted, nothing has been fixed though… There was an issue with Varnish, corrupting my homepage. So I disabled Varnish in response of the supporter. After his reply, Varnish was still disabled so nothing was fixed at all. So I asked for clarification:

Imre Thursday at 11:28
Hi Shayan

Can you please inform me on why you concluded that this issue has been resolved?

Your colleague posted this chat session, as he could not resolve the issue…"

4 days later now and still no answer… Will probably be looking for an alternative, as I hate it when people who I’m dependent on, are not doing their job. If you don’t like your job, or miss enthousiasm about it, then go find something else… You’re not helping yourself, nor your customers.

The very same here.

Things they were doing literaly on the fly while on chat are now getting sorted through tickets. And it takes much longer to get anything done. I was waiting 4 days. Had to remind them 2 times through more live chats and email reminders.

It looks to me that they either moved more capable support somewhere else or they just left to work somewhere else. Staff through live chat is not capable to do anything but create ticket.

The reason we left previous hosting was exactly this. Cloudway guys you need to read this and sort it out or many including me will move somewhere else.

Sure is a lot of moaning and groaning here. Iv never had any issues. Have you folk considered maybe you are not asking the right questions, or maybe you are asking more of your host than you should?

Its obvious this company is suffering growing pains ans struggling to build their support team. But after reviewing garbage like this and many of these other posts, its also clear people are inundating the team with newb matters that are not host related.

Some suggestions when asking for help: Dont wine. Be straight to the problem, and be sure its a server problem. They arent web developers.

in my case the question is clear and it is a varnish problem. But, I ask for support 22 days ago. They first reply was after 7 days. They ask for credentials. The second reply was after 14 days. So…

the last answer: Meanwhile, feel free to ask us if you have any questions, we are glad to assist you.
They did nothing. NOTHING.

I agree with this but only to a certain point. Hosting companies get a lot of support tickets for things that aren’t really their problem which can really drain their resources. However over the years I have had to contact Cloudways support a couple of times for things that are definitely on them to investigate or sort out, I’m always very clear and to the point on what the issue is, yet I have noticed a significant drop in the quality of support being provided recently.

Some of the support agents I speak to seem to have a very poor grasp on what it takes to provide server support. I’ve been fobbed off a few times with answers that I know are clearly wrong so I have to ask to be transferred to a different agent or a senior server engineer. If I had less server management experience I might have accepted their replies at face value, but some of these agents don’t know what they are talking about and try to get away with generic answers claiming things have been fixed when I can prove that they have not.

A couple of times the agent I was speaking to clearly wasn’t paying attention either, I know they are managing a few chats at any one time, but I expect them to read my replies properly and put some effort into resolving the issue. I’ve gone round in circles and wasted far too much time repeating myself because the agent I was speaking with clearly didn’t care about the job he was doing.

It’s not all bad though, some agents are really knowledgeable and have impressed me with their dedication to providing a great support experience. Cloudways really need to address this in the next few months and get their support team up to scratch or they will lose a lot of customers. This seems to be a common theme in the hosting industry, either the company gets bought out by one of the big players and then it goes to crap, or they grow too large and their support service begins to suffer leading to a poor customer experience when they do need help.

@jbaer Company is not struggling building support but to keep it at high level as it was before. It’s not about asking them to do things beyond server support but about being very slow with getting any support. They used to be much faster to reply. I don’t know if they oversold themselves and just can’t keep up or the best guys simply left to work somewhere else but true is, support used to be much better here,not that long before.

Just to clarify: personally im happy with online chat support. It is only email ticketing support which got a bit slower and needs to be a wee bit faster.

Who the hell are you to tell anyone else what they can and can’t do with the support that they PAY for?

How about you just keep your mouth shut since you clearly don’t have any answers???

You pay for hosting, not support. And the support is for server problems. Who am I? Im someone who has done hosting support for nearly 20 years.

Likewise, I’ve been waiting over a month for Varnish to be configured correctly for woocommerce support (which WC states on their web site is something that should work by default on WC servers…).
The response from tech support has been almost non-existent. It’s atrocious.

Josh, your response is entirely unhelpful and, I suggest, inaccurate.

When WC promise a varnish configuration (which is a server matter) which will work out of the box with an application (like WooCommerce, in my case), and it doesn’t work, and completely screws the site, and pisses off a lot of customers… that’s a hosting. AND, it requires support from the company that provides that hosting. Otherwise, we’d all be better of just setting up our own cloud servers directly. We have CW as a middleman in order to have a supported server configuration.

“You pay for hosting, not support.”

Funny, that’s not what Cloudways says. And what they do say, they say much less arrogantly than you do!

“Our Customer Success Team is always active, any day of the year. You just have to type your query and our team will do the magic”

“You’re never alone! Our team of experts takes care of all queries. The ticketing system helps you keep track of a particular issue.”

“Our Cloud Engineers are expert bug hunters. If you face a server related issue, simply contact our team and let them do the trick.”

“Managed hosting for a range of applications, supporting all the latest versions of Magento, WordPress, Drupal, Laravel and many more.”


You’re an idiot.


You haven’t done hosting support for 20 years at all. You clearly don’t know what you’re talking about.

How about you just stop talking? Clearly nobody wants to hear from you here.

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Hello All,

I apologize for the unpleasant experience you recently had with our customer service team. Cloudways always appreciates feedback from its valuable customers and the thread above highlights some important points that need to be catered to.

Our support team follows some Standard Operating Procedures for handling customer queries. These SOPs are carefully structured to resolve the maximum number of queries and to keep the response time at a minimum.

On a daily basis, our support team receives a huge number of tickets that are out of scope of our promised support service. Despite the restrictions, the support team caters to these issues in the best possible way. Occasionally, though, high priority tickets that fall under the scope are prioritized over these tickets, but we do resolve them as soon as possible.

I advise you to please read our support scope documentation carefully and if you need any assistance or have any questions, feel free to message me directly and I promise to resolve your queries as soon as possible.

Ibad Rehman
Community Manager

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Same problem here, my server backup was failed i request to check it, but still i received emails daily that my backup was failed, i am receiving these mails for last 10 days, my ticket is in open state , nobody bother to check and resolve, i ask daily to resolve my issue but no answer at all.

Hey @john2players,

Please respond to my direct message.


+1 for “generally happy with level of support provided.”

Im going to jump in here, I have been a cloudways customer for a good number of years now and I would tell anyone they are great hosts with great support. Live chat is always quick and things that need to be fixed get fixed quickly.

However I do have to say that the last few times I have needed to use live chat for support its been very slow and unfortunately not very good. Mysql had gone down for no discernable reason on one of my sites, I was asked for IP address of server and 30 mins later someone comeback to tell me mysql had crashed…then 10 mins later, which site had had the problem, which I knew because thats the reason I jumped on chat 40 mins earlier. This was frustrating, having such a normal great service.

There have been a few similar incidents and it does seem to be the speed and quality of support has dropped very recently, so I can see where some of these people are coming from (although do a google first people, most answers are out there). Im hoping its a blip and will get turned around soon, im still generally happy with cloudways and want to keep being a customer and advocate, but a few more bad experiences will make me look at my options, especially when I know they can do so much better.

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