There's no more technical support at CloudWays? [RESOLVED]


What’s happening at CloudWays, a company that were so good until some time ago?

Now I have open tickets (with problems related) for more than 3 days, and nobody answers me. Answers only comes when I disturb the people at social media (Facebook), via inbox. And, even so, the tech guys answer my tickets with no solutions to my problems. They ask, for example, for a video describing my problem, I sent a video, and so I wait for more than 1 day for a response. When this response comes, it’s a blank response, a blank email.

Even disturbing the people at Facebook inbox is not helping anymore, because my ticket remains unsolved, unanswered and it seems that this does not matters to CloudWays. It seems that me, as a customer, don’t matter nothing to CloudWays.

I only have not migrated yet due to the size of my database, files and folders. But I’m beginning to think on that.


I’ve been noticing the same. Even 4 months ago I found I had prompt (same day) tech service on CW. Now it’s often 2 to 3 days before initial response, then 1+ days to respond to my responses. I’d also like to know what has happened…

This is very complicated. It seems there’s nobody in the company anymore. No technical support, no way.

Even here, they don’t say nothing about my problem. They don’t care. At Facebook, they started ignoring me. At tickets, they ignore me. I’ve started send messages for all emails I found of them.

I’ve found it really hit or miss, sometimes you can get through to a support agent who is responsive and knowledgeable. Other times you wait 10 minutes between replies and they havn’t got a clue, I’m often having to direct them on what they should be doing and telling them how to do their job which I really shouldn’t have to do. Cloudways need to invest quickly in their support department or slow down the rate of customer growth as it seems they are overwhelmed at times.

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I totally agree. It seems there’s no more technical support at the company.

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They even don’t come here to answer this kind of thread.

I just moved a bunch of sites on here and they were relatively responsive with very simple issues, but now that I have a serious issue (storage demising mysteriously on my server), they’re completely useless, and straight up didn’t answer for 3 days, and then just sent a completely useless reply not addressing any of my questions nor fixing the problem and wrapping the whole thing with a “let us know if you need any help”. Are you kidding me???

it’s a real bummer… it seemed like a great option at first.

They were good. I just don’t know what has happened. It seems they have grown a lot and have no enough technical support staff. And it seems they are not preocuppied in to hire more people.

Its bad. I’ve had a ticket sitting there for a week now with no response. If you can get around the chat bot and get a support rep through chat they will all say “I’m escalating to my team and they will contact you back” then nothing.

I too am now looking for alternatives to Cloudways due to how bad ticketed support has become. The longest yet is 3 weeks for a High Priority ticket.

Absolutely rubbish this lately, with no signs of improvements.

Yeah, guys. And yet nobody from the company comments here. This is very bad, IMHO.

I also have noticed that ticketing system through emails can be very slow. Up to 5 days of waiting. If you have something very urgent, it could be very painful.

I got off live chat support yesterday when we have spent nearly 2 hours sorting out the problem. In this regard im very happy with support.

I advise you guys to contact them through live chat. Don’t let them to create tickets. Let them do it on the fly. If problem is very serious and they have to create ticket, do go back to live chat next day and ask for update.

I was also thinking about moving somewhere else but we have spent so much time and $$$ setting things up, to go through this mess again, no thanks.

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I am new in Cloudways and I am having similar issues with their support like the other guys described here.
Ticket comments are ignored for a long time, not answering all the questions.
Livechat is not always able to help and then is trying to contact senior engineer, and promissing feedback on the ticket or by email in 25minutes, but nothing is happening.

Come on Cloudways, we do like your server environment, but please improve your support!

I’m new here too! Just migrating first site here to test. I jumped on chat for a quick question with a small issue and rated the general experience poorly, but the support agent was good. I surprised to quickly see an email asking for detail on the poor rating, which left me feeling positive.

Here’s hoping the situations I’m reading about in this thread area thing of the past.



Thank you for liking and using Cloudways. I apologize for any inconvenience caused.

Let me have a look at it. Please DM me with your registered email address.

Thank You.
Ibad Rehman
Community Manager

Can a senior member of Cloudways staff address the larger issue? What is being done to solve it or improve in the future?


I doubt this issue will be addressed. I brought it up a while ago with the owner and little seems to have changed,

Hey @nicksanderos,

If you are facing any issues, please let me know and I’ll have a look at it personally.

Thank You
Ibad Rehman

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