The site is experiencing technical issues



I can’t access the website admin right now. I am facing this problem again and again.
I don’t receive an e-mail about this problem.

It happened after upgrading to Php 7.3 and MariaDB 10.3
Here’s the Website: The Digital Islam

Waiting for a answer.
Thank you


Hello @thedigitalislams,

May I ask what error do you see on the screen and did you take a backup before upgrading the PHP and MariaDB version? I see that your website is working fine. Please provide me with more information so I can help you.

Also, provide me with a support ticket number if you have opened one.

Ibad Rehman
Community Manager


No. I didn’t take any backup. Currently, the Website is working fine. But as I told that I see this message “The Website is facing technical difficulties” several times in a day.


Thank you for the update. Please report any technical issues to our support team. It could be a warning due to some configuration issues. I will look into it.

Ibad Rehman