TFA Backup Codes

Hi, Is there someplace to download Two Factor Authentication backup codes? Useful in the event a phone is stolen or damaged. Thank you.

You do get a backup code when you first setup Two Factor Authentication which can be used if your device is stolen or damaged. Apps like Authy can help you in saving your codes and backing them up on their cloud.

Ibad Rehman
Community Manager

Thank you for the response. I stopped TFA because my phone was damaged, and started TFA again with my new phone, and I did not see any backup codes. I’m using Google Authenticator. Can you please show me, perhaps with a screenshot, where I would get the backup code? I’ll then re-do the process and capture the code. Thank you for your kind assistance.

You can’t with Google, only with Authy. Google requires new codes to be generated when a device changes. You then have to use the stored backup codes to get back in.