Support Taking ages to reply


Guys, I am thankfull for the support I received, but what is going on in the last 3 - 4 monts is unacceptable. It takes ages to finally get a relply on live support. Waiting sometimes 5-20min and I constantly needs to remind the support tech to assist. This was never like this. This is upsetting my clients, who I referred to cloudways over the last couple fo years also. It takes on average a full hour for a simple request.

I was once told by a support tech he is busy with other chats also? How can you be busy with multiple customers at the same time. its just plain rude.

Something needs to be done or I need to look at alternative options.

Come On this is not the service I am used too.

PS. This the customer’s account,



I agree, I too have had issues like this, but I have waited over an hour!


Hmm. Just connected with chat in 20 seconds.

Seems pretty standard that Customer support would have 3-4 chats at the same time. Obvious that you do not employee anyone LOL.

Chat is a luxury support item. Most places are email only.


“Obvious”? well, we do actually, but maybe it is fine for your employees to leave people waiting for a ‘Live’ chat service for over an hour.

I get that they are working on more than one chat at a time. I just expect to be given an update, not leave us without an answer at all. Else I might as well have raised an email ticket.

Perhaps I’m asking for too much, and thanks for your helpful comments.


In my opinion, Yes, I think you are asking for too much. Email support is probably better for you.


What cocky reply is that? What has it to do with how much staff you employ. Clearly you have no understanding how customer service works. Secondly I have been with cloudways for 3/4 years since the very beginning. I let it slide for more than 6 months, but its getting a bit long in the tooth if you see how fast the other hosts replies. Its not about the 1st contact. Its about keeping the communication channel open while you busy with the customer. Not letting the customer ask every 10min.:”hey… is someone there?”.


Understood. I agree. Cloudways might want to improve their chat communication. Hopefully they see this post and make improvements for customers.


Hi all,

Your feedback is duly noted and our support staff is taking measures to improve the live chat response time. I know that it becomes frustrating to wait in queue for a longer time, I suggest (when possible) open support tickets for issues that require investigation.

Things should start getting better on Live Chat this week, we had a lot of load on chat since our Black Friday deal went live.



Thank you Ahsan for the update.