Support quality getting down


how many people behind that chat, and expertise ???


Don’t know exactly but came across around 10 different people with various expertise. Last year support was top notch , now it is still great but they are not really solving problems , mostly posting links with suggestions. What could they do basically immediately last year can easily end up in 1-2 days solution through emails now.

Also support seems very busy, you don’t get reply instantly like last year, one guy supposed to look after you is clearly working on 2-3 more tickets on the fly.

I think the top support they had probably moved to other company because they realised someone can appreciate their expertise better $$$ (just speculation, not confirmed).


Hi @mdzunda,

I apologize that you are not getting the similar kind of support you used to previously. We strive continuously to provide better support to all our customers.However, at times the response time may slightly increase as one agent is assigned to more than one chat to cover the maximum number of available queries. We understand this issue therefore, are adding resources to our existing work force which will eventually improve the response time.

In the event of time consuming issues, you may always open a support ticket

We appreciate any kind of feedback from our customers as it helps us in improving even further.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Ibad Rehman


Today my server is down, 6 hours, hosting 2 eccomerce sites, it is incredible this happens