Support asked me to pay for a security update

So, last week, I found that one of my servers has a really old version of node. While another one has version 10+, that one has 6. I asked from the support to update it since there is a noteworthy security risk. They told me that they won’t provide any support any more and that I have to pay 100$/month for anything related to the server. I explained that this is not a customization request but a security risk on the server and they asked me to wait until Monday, but I don’t have any answer yet. Do you think that we should pay for security updates?

I’m guessing this is an issue where Cloudways “let” you have node.js when their focus is PHP and didn’t set expectations, or maybe even changed the terms on you and would rather you hosted your server side js somewhere else (definitely cheaper elsewhere).

As @mike6 have already pointed out. We do not support NodeJS officially but we do not even stop customers from using it on their servers.

Ibad Rehman

It’s not about support, but about security.

If it’s about security, you should either:

  1. Upgrade it yourself (remember, this isn’t a support issue)
  2. Get hosting that has the “support” you want
  3. Pay someone to upgrade it for you (I’m available!)