Suggestions for speeding up my website?

Hello all!

I am in urgent need of help . I am setting up an ecommerce site for one of my clients.

I am a little new to setting up ecommerce sites. I am facing issues with Cache set up and understanding how CDN works with Cache etc.

The problem i am facing are that The site is VERY SLOW to load. And changes do not reflect quickly.

I started searching and understood that i was using multiple cache plugins side by side, so that might be causing the issues.

Now I don’t know how exactly to disable cloudway’s default plugins? Or should i continue using them?

Can anyone please guide me in right direction? Right now the speed is very low. I am using Rey theme from themeforest, for which i DO understand that it won’t be AS FAST as framework themes like GP/Astra. But something close would be VERY nice to have.

So here are my questions/doubts.

  1. Which is best set up for ecommerce portal. WP rocket? Varnish?
  2. Should i enable redis for ecommerce site?
  3. How to enable/disable cloudways cache system? in WP admin Or cloudways Server management or Cloudways application management?
  4. Any other suggestions.

I am also willing to pay if someone can help me in setting this up.

Sorry for long thread, i just wanted to explain it better.

PS: I have used WP optimizer to clean the database etc. If that counts.