Suggestion: Tweak to delete process



At the moment when deleting a server or application, you are given a confirmation window which requires you to type “DELETE” to proceed. If you have a lot of servers/applications, there is a chance of selecting the wrong item, typing “DELETE” without double-checking, and deleting the wrong thing.

Obviously it is the user’s responsibility to ensure they’re getting it right when they do something as significant as deleting a server or application. But the consequences can be pretty dire if it does occur.

Would it be possible to require the name of the server or application to be typed in the confirmation dialog, instead of just “DELETE”? So, if you have a server you want to delete called “Example Server 1” but you accidentally go to delete “Example Server 2”, the confirmation dialog would expect the input to be “Example Server 2”, and will fail when you input the server you’re expecting to delete (ie “Example Server 1”).


Good idea. Webflow already does this.